ShinBi: Expenses in S. Korea


Cost Estimates for Veterinary Expenses in Korea (in Korean won)


Cos t Estimate


Spaying 250,000
Neutering 150,000
Leash and harness combination 30-50,000 won Depends on size of dog
Micro chip (international) 33,000 Change information at vet’s in NA
Initial health assessment and vaccines
DHPPL 20,000
Rabies 20,000
Corona 15,000
Kennel cough 15,000 Medication 10,000
HW: IDEXX 4dx combination snap test 55,000 Best test on the market; detects tick disease
HW treatment 300-600,000 Immitcide ; cost of the shot depends upon the size of the dog – 2 shots over 2 days; retest after 6 months with HW preventative treatment given before being treated and then once a month
HW preventative treatment 7-10,000 per month Cost depends upon weight of the dog; Heartguard for all dogs except collie where Revolution is given
Confirmation tests 55,000 Corona, parvo and distemper
Fecal exam 22,000
Parasite treatment 5,000 Drug: panacur


  • Shelter fee            $ 100.
  • 2 toll fees                 $31.
  • taxi                           $250.
  • vet                            $123.

sub total:             $ 504.

  • Asiana Air             $1500.
  • Crate                         $150.
  • Wire transfer fee   $45.
  • Terminal charge      $50.

sub total                 1745.

TOTAL:                   $2249.


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