ShinBi improves going into July

Here’s a photo to let you know that ShinBi made it through the Independence Day celebrations without much fuss.

ShinBi Patriotic

This month, he will be receiving his second adulticide injection to kill the adult heart worms. Originally, treatment for the young heart worms had been administered but the injections had been delayed due to his treatment for diabetes. Once the vet was satisfied that we had the right balance of insulin, and ShinBi was healthy enough, the injections were given and ShinBi has done well enough that now he’s on schedule with his heartworm treatment.

A few weeks ago, ShinBi did have an ear infection. He seems to be recovering nicely on that.

Your generosity has allowed Southland Collie Rescue to rescue and treat this buoyant young collie from South Korea and it’s been quite a learning experience for all of us, even forcing us to listen to our supporters and get Paypal.

Our GoFundMe campaign is at $3900 or 72 percent of our goal. We are currently financially ahead although we expect to run through that money fast. This morning we got another contribution and added a new person to our email list.

We are planning a few more fundraisers where we can do more than just ask for your money—-we want to meet, greet and have fun together. The fundraisers are: Restaurant, garage sale and T-shirt.


First, we definitely want to have a fundraising night at a local restaurant. We are looking at holding a fundraiser night at Ruby’s Diner. Because Southland Collie Rescue covers Santa Barbara to San Diego, we are hoping to have the fundraiser at several locations. We would ask you to bring your friends and family to Ruby’s on a certain night with a flyer and SCR would get 20 percent of all food sales.  You can even stand at the door and ask people before they come in to use a flyer to make additional sales.

So we’d like to know which areas or specific cities would work best for our best supporters. In the parenthesis I’ve listed the locations of each Ruby’s. Please let us know which locations you’d be willing to travel to. Ruby’s also has locations in Hawaii, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Texas so if you’re based in those areas and willing to take on the challenge, let us know.

SCR has area coordinators in 10 areas:

  1.  Santa Barbara: NO LOCATIONS
  2. Orange County (Anaheim, Balboa, Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Irvine Spectrum, John Wayne Airport, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Newport Coast, Orange, San Juan Capistrano, South Coast Plaza, Tustin, Yorba Linda)
  3. San Bernardino (Palm Springs)
  4. Ventura County: NO LOCATIONS
  5. LA-South Bay (Long Beach, Redondo, Rolling Hills Estate)
  6. LA-San Gabriel Valley (City of Commerce, Los Angeles, Whittier)
  7. LA-San Fernando Valley (Woodland Hills)
  8. San Diego County (Carlsbad, El Cajon, Oceanside, Plaza Bonita, Mission Valley)
  9. Riverside (Morongo)
  10. Lancaster/Palmdale and Kern County: NO LOCATIONS

The following Ruby’s are open for private parties which would mean we could also have a raffle. So let us know which location you would favor from the below as well.

  1.  BALBOA location (Balboa Pier) in Orange County
  2. CARLSBAD in North San Diego County
  3. HUNTINGTON BEACH in Orange County
  4. LAGUNA BEACH in Orange County
  5. MISSION VIEJO in Orange County
  6. OCEANSIDE in Orange County
  7. ORANGE in Orange County
  8. PALM SPRINGS in San Bernardino County
  9. SAN DIEGO in Mission Valley (SD County)

One item I am donating for a raffle is an umbrella imported from Europe.



We are looking into this but would like to have it at a more central location. I live in the South Bay of Los Angeles and am willing to hold one but I wondered a San Gabriel Valley, Ventura or San Diego location might work better.

Any thoughts on this?

Based on the advice from another collie club, we would sell things in the $1 to $5 range and be looking for coats, jackets, shoes, boots, kitchen items, knick knacks, costume jewelry (popular item), handbags, baby stroller, car seat, vacuum—everything and anything.


This is in the works under the care of Mark Allen.


I’m working on incorporating Korean and Chinese and this isn’t easily available through CafePress plus I’ve heard there’s another start-up that will give a better percentage to SCR. Hope to have these done in time for our restaurant night(s).


Shinbi #1981 Costs

Overseas Costs

Shelter fee             100.

2 toll fees                 31.

taxi                           250.

vet                            123.

sub total:             $ 504.

Asiana Air             1500.

Crate                         150.

Wire transfer fee   45.

Terminal charge      50.

sub total                 1745.

TOTAL:                   $2249.

Extra Necessities:

2 coats, Wee pads    49.63

2 Wee pads                 58.30

Petco sweater           14.00

Goat’s Milk  (3/4)      26.00

3/15 2 Wee pads      58.30

4/02 (Goats’s Milk, vegetarian canned food)     $54


Just Give                     $883.16  – Check #1  (2/25)

Just Give                     $122.51   – Check #2 (3/25)

Just Give                      $158.82  – Check #3 (3/25)

GoFundMe                 $1737.84  – Check #1  (2/25)

GoFundMe                  $22.   – Check on 4/18  (Nancy Marks)

Checks to SCR   

Anne Schmid           $300

Eleanor Wilson        $100

Luz Countryman      $100

Debby Peterson       $ 35

Lisa Hoch                    $100

*Mike/Judy Joyce   $150   (added March 1)

*Betty Jo Grugg         $20    (added March 1)

Robert Conklin         $100 (added March 6)

Anne Schmid             $50  (April 12)

Ginger Goodell         $25  (April 12)

Susan Van E                $ 50  (April 12)

Roz Grashaw              $50 (May 1)

Luz Countryman     $100 (May 25)

List of Just Give Donors (to Feb. 15th)  more to come

Nathalie Leseine       $100

Craig Thacker              $52.36

Anonymous               $104.71

Trisha Valdivia          $100

NoCal Collie Rescue   $300

Amanda Boeddeker   $104.71

John Finch                     $20

Sylvia Chevier             $100

Marla Hart                  $43

Additional Just Give Donors

Anonymous      $47.75 (April)

Cindy Terrien      $23.87  “

Laura Miklos         $38.20  “


Just Give – 6/21/2014   $68.06


Linda Gruno   $50

Tanya Doole  $25

Marilyn Day   $25

Bethany Burke   $50

Jenny Costa Farrell    $300

Bernie Roberts   $200

Andrea   $50

Nan Marks   $50

Kate & Lark    $25

Carolyn McCullough    $25

Mark Allen     $100

Kathleen D. Smith    $25

Michele M. Fricke    $50

Anonymous   $300

Kari Hatfield   $150

Anonymous $200

Carolyn McCullough    $25

Andrea    $50

Teresa Pelkie   $50

Anonymous   $50

Valerie Brehm   $25

Jenny Costa    $1,000

Diane Palumbo   $1,000


Darcie Barnes    $25

Luz Countryman   $100

Trisha and Stephen Valdivia    $100

Schwab Charitable Fund (Mitch & Jeffyne Telson)   $500

Vet Bills through February 28, 2014 (Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital)

2/21 Exam, CBC, Fecal                    $183.77

2/24 Tick Panel, Doxycycline       $254.71

2/25 Dexamethasone Suppression, Dexamethasone Injection, Blood Glucose, Microfilaremia test, Radiology                                  $345.22

2/27 Trifexis                                       $103

2/28 Insulin, Syringes, Urinalysis, Urine Culture and MIC, Nail Trim   $223.45

TOTAL:                                                 $1110.15

Vet Bills starting in March 2014 

3/7  Minor recheck exam, 1 Health Check (bloodwork)    $121.49

3/12 Ultrasound Abdominal Sonogram; 1 Coagulation Panel 1; 1 Bile Acids (Prepost)  $467.40

3/14  1 Blood Glucose; 1 Ultrasound Guided Biopsy; 1 local/Topical Anesthesia     $202.40

NEW VET BILL TOTAL:    $1901.44

3/18    1 Insulin Vetsulin;  20 Doxycycline     $71.50

3/22    Prednisone tabs;  Baytril Tablets;  Denamarin      $211.20

4/03/14  Exam, Glucose Testing, Radiology, Insulin and syringes   $578.87 (minus the board which I paid $107.80 – charge to SCR would be $471.07)

NEW VET BILL TOTAL:    $2655.21

4/7   Colchicine $189,  Ursodiol  $86

 4/14   2 Insulin  $84, 1 Denamarin  $66

4/30  2 Insulin Vetsulin   $84.00

5/1   Colchicine  $189.44;   Ursodiol  $56.38

NEW VET BILL TOTAL:  $3,514.93

4/29  Glucose Test Kit   $34.48

5/1    Goat’s Milk (Bloom)   $26

5/4/ Glucose Test Strips   $41.03

5/20  Denamarin   $66

4/23   Rechesck Exam $22.50; Blood Glucose Curve $65.79; Hematocrit/Total Protein $16.61

5/27  2 Insulin Vetsulin  $86;  1 Vetsulin Insulin Syringes U-40 Box  $35.10

5/20  Health Check  blood panel for liver check)  $98.99

NEW VET BILL TOTAL:  $4,007.43

6/2   Colchicine  $189.44;  Ursodiol  $56.38

6/11  Goat’s Milk (Bloom) $25.99

6/23   Office Visit $39.30;  1 Immiticide $115.50;  15 Prednisone $14.85;  1 Boarding treatment      .77;   4 board treatments diabetics $46.20;  3 boarding treatments $4.62;  1 TrizEDTA+Baytril+DexSP $37.50 (for ruptured ear drum);   2 Insulin Vetsulin $86;   1 Denamarin $66  =  $495.44 total this bill


7/1   Colchicine  $189.44;   Ursodiol  $56.38

NEW VET BILL TOTAL:  $5,020.50

7/10  Goat’s Milk (Bloom)   $25.99


2 thoughts on “ShinBi improves going into July

  1. My wife passed away last year and she had some beautiful things. Also a large box of place mats and napkins (almost new). Please keep me advised of the garage sale(s) and I will have some nice things to donate.

    David Rolapp
    (818) 508-5563

    • Wow! Our condolences about your wife. We are looking for a great place to have a garage sale at this time and we would love to have anything you’d be willing to part with!

      You can reach me directly at


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