ShinBi: Diclofenac isn’t just for arthritis

Diclofenac is usually given for arthritis, but that’s not the only usage. Diflofenic is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug according to It reduces substances in the body that cause pain and inflammation for for that reason is used for arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis.

It can also be used to treat migraine headaches but not to treat cluster headaches.

We don’t know if our sweet ShinBi had headaches, but he does have problems with his eyes.

This is a drug with serious side effects and should only be used under prescription from a doctor or veterinarian.

It is useful in lens-induced uveitis in dogs and may be a pre-operative and postoperative agent for uveitis associated with eye surgery. Now you ask what is uveitis? Uveitis is the escape of lens proteins into the eye fluid that is most frequently associated with cataracts.

Cataracts begin as a cloudy or dull appearance in the front of the eye and then the iris becomes unevenly colored with yellow or white areas. About 75 percent of dogs with diabetes develop cataracts within nine months of being diagnoses.

If the lens-induced uveitis goes untreated and glaucoma also develops, cataract surgery might not be possible. Glaucoma causes chronic headaches.


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