Donations as of 1 March 2014

  • Just Give: $888.16 (15 February 2014)
  • GoFundMe: $1737.84  (15 February 2014)

Platinum Dogparents 

  • NoCal Collie Rescue (Just Give)
  • Anne Schmid (check)

Gold Dogparents

  • Mitchell and Jenny Farrell
  • Debra

Silver Dogparents

  • Anonymous        (Just Give)
  • Mark Allen (GoFundMe)
  • Amanda Boeddeker   (Just Give)
  • Sylvia Chevier    (Just Give)
  • Robert Conklin (check)
  • Luz Countryman (check)
  • Marla Harat          (Just Give)
  • Lisa Hoch (check)
  • Mike and Judy Joyce (check)
  • Karen and Linda (GoFundMe)
  • Kathryn Leenhouts  (GoFundMe)
  • Nathalie Leseine (Just Give)
  • Jeannette Poling (GoFundMe)
  • Bernard Roberts (GoFundMe)
  • Susan R.  (GoFundMe)
  • Carol Steiner (GoFundMe)
  • Trisha Valdivia (Just Give)
  • Eleanor Wilson (check)

Bronze Dogparents

  • Jeanne Albanese (GoFundMe)
  • Bethany Burke (GoFundMe)
  • Zuzel Castro (GoFundMe)
  • Stacey Champion (GoFundMe)
  • Susan Christie (GoFundMe)
  • Carolyn L Clack  (GoFundMe)
  • Rickey Dale Crain (GoFundMe)
  • Marilyn Day (GoFundMe)
  • M Doram (GoFundMe)
  • John Finch            (Just Give)
  • Michele M Fricke (GoFundMe)
  • Julie B. Gochenour (GoFundMe)
  • Betty Jo Grugg (check)
  • Linda Gruno (GoFundMe)
  • Gloria Hollingshead (GoFundMe)
  • Doreen Ingrassia (GoFundMe)
  • Denise Jurich (GoFundMe)
  • Diane Kennedy (GoFundMe)
  • Karen Knaub  (GoFundMe)
  • Nancy Marks (GoFundMe)
  • Constance McCabe (GoFundMe)
  • Carolyn McCullough (GoFundMe)
  • Thomas E Nicholson (GoFundMe)
  • Teresa Pelkie (GoFundMe)
  • Susannah Perkins (GoFundMe)
  • Debby Peterson (check)
  • Lori M Jerulli Reeves (GoFundMe)
  • Piper and Phoebe Regan (GoFundMe)
  • Kathleen Smith (GoFundMe)
  • Craig Thacker       (Just Give)
  • Virginia Young (GoFundMe)
  • Kim Zandstra (GoFundMe)

If you’d like to help Southland Collie Rescue cover the costs of ShinBi’s care, you can:

Donate directly by sending a check to:

  • Southland Collie Rescue 
  • P.O. Box 1596
  • Brea, CA 92822-1596
  • Instruct that the donation is for ShinBi

You can donate through Just Give.

You can donate through the GoFundMe page.


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