ShinBi gains 10 pounds and needs more funds

ShinBi peeking out

As you might have noticed, ShinBi is doing better. He has gained weight so he isn’t that bone thin boy that flew into Los Angeles in February.

If you recall we were really worried because ShinBi had actually lost a few pounds. You can see that he is no longer a collie with a bad buzz job, but he is still a collie with many bad hair days ahead.

Our original projected cost for six months (February to July) was $3,000. That figure has proved to be too optimistic. Our current projected cost is $6,000. We have started a new GoFundMe campaign and at this moment have $575.

We also have an offer from the Collie Rescue Foundation. We will know more later.

We know that we are asking a lot and there are many other needy animals, including The Arrow Fund’s Lad in Northern California at UC Davis.

Lad’s life isn’t in danger and he has experts at a major university looking out for him. Team ShinBi on the other hand is small. ShinBi is a dog who cannot survive without treatment. Because he has several health issues, the vet must approach each with caution. First, the vet wants to get his diabetes under control and this has delayed his heartworm treatment for the adults heartworms. The adulticide was originally scheduled to begin in late April.

ShinBi’s wonderful foster mom, Sue Baldwin, had to do a 12-hour blood glucose curve and chart the results for his diabetes. ShinBi now thinks there must be vampires in Southern California and he’s not a fan. You can see him peeking out to see if any needles are hovering in his near future in the photo above. His insulin amounts have been adjusted six times already from 9 units, to 11 units, to 17, to 19, to 22, and now back to 17.

The latest news on ShinBi was good. His original liver values were numbers in the thousands and thousands, but now are down in the hundreds. The vet is pleased. He has just been on his liver medications for about seven weeks. The vet is sending his results to a specialist for recommendations on starting his heartworm medications

We don’t want to keep asking for money without giving you anything back so we are looking into other fundraising approaches. One thing we’re considering is having a Southern California fundraising night at a chain restaurant where you can invite your friends and family and have a great time with 20 percent of the amount spent on food going to ShinBi’s medical fund.

There have been other suggestions such as auctions or a garage sale. Nothing is definite and the Southland Collie Rescue board has yet to give the go-ahead so keep the fundraising news under your hat for now. We are open to suggestions.

Through it all, ShinBi has remained happy and bouncy. His vet declared ShinBi “doesn’t walk, he dances!” You can see below that he does want to play (with Sue’s own Teddy). If he’s this happy and bouncy when he’s so sick, imagine how much more loving he’ll be when he’s better.

Below is the current medical costs:

Vet Bills through February 28, 2014 (Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital)

2/21 Exam, CBC, Fecal                    $183.77

2/24 Tick Panel, Doxycycline       $254.71

2/25 Dexamethasone Suppression, Dexamethasone Injection, Blood Glucose, Microfilaremia test, Radiology                                  $345.22

2/27 Trifexis                                       $103

2/28 Insulin, Syringes, Urinalysis, Urine Culture and MIC, Nail Trim   $223.45

TOTAL:                                                 $1110.15

Vet Bills starting in March 2014 

3/7  Minor recheck exam, 1 Health Check (bloodwork)    $121.49

3/12 Ultrasound Abdominal Sonogram; 1 Coagulation Panel 1; 1 Bile Acids (Prepost)  $467.40

3/14  1 Blood Glucose; 1 Ultrasound Guided Biopsy; 1 local/Topical Anesthesia     $202.40

NEW VET BILL TOTAL:    $1901.44

3/18    1 Insulin Vetsulin;  20 Doxycycline     $71.50

3/22    Prednisone tabs;  Baytril Tablets;  Denamarin      $211.20

4/03/14  Exam, Glucose Testing, Radiology, Insulin and syringes   $578.87 (minus the board which I paid $107.80 – charge to SCR would be $471.07)

NEW VET BILL TOTAL:    $2655.21

4/7   Colchicine $189,  Ursodiol  $86

 4/14   2 Insulin  $84, 1 Denamarin  $66

4/23   Rechesck Exam $22.50; Blood Glucose Curve $65.79; Hematocrit/Total Protein $16.61

4/30  2 Insulin Vetsulin   $84.00

5/1   Colchicine  $189.44;   Ursodiol  $56.38

NEW VET BILL TOTAL:  $3,514.93

4/29  Glucose Test Kit   $34.48

5/1    Goat’s Milk (Bloom)   $26

5/4/ Glucose Test Strips   $41.03

Diabetes and Malnutrition

Diabetes mellitus is a common disease in dogs and according to, some breeds such as Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs, Miniature Schnauzers, Keeshond and Poodles have a high occurrence rate, but all breeds are affected.

The usual age of onset is about 6 to 9 years.

Diabetes results when the body, specifically in the pancreas, doesn’t produce an adequate amount of insulin. Insulins enables glucose to pass into cells, where it produces energy for metabolism. “Insulin deficiency results in hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and glycosuria (high urine sugar).  According to, Glucose in the urine causes the diabetic animal to excrete large volumes of urine. In turn, this creates dehydration and the urge to drink large amounts of water.”

Early signs are frequent urination, excessive thirst, a large appetite and unexplained loss of weight.

Diabetes can be malnutrition related.

ShinBi is being treated with insulin.

First insulin shot